Cryolipolysis Bar Hill or Fat Freezing treatment from LA Lipo can target specific areas such as Solar Lentigo or sun damage.

CryoPen Solar Lentigo Removal Treatment Bar Hill

Are you anxious by annoying sun damage on your skin? Did you know that this could now be eradicated at our friendly clinic by using the latest innovations in cryotherapy? Our derma consultants get rid of this skin imperfection by using a fine jet of pressurized N2O that freezes the annoying tissue without damaging the healthy skin around it. This is a fast, non-scarring, and almost painless treatment ideal for people of all walks of life!

Sun Damage: Safeguarding Yourself

Staying out of the sun is the ideal way to prevent solar lentigo. Other precautions include using protective clothing, wearing sunscreen, and staying away from the sunlight between the day when UV rays are strong.

The Risks of Sun Exposure

The instant risk of too much sun is sunburn. Look at a sunburned skin under a microscope, and you will notice the blood vessels and cells are damaged. With frequent sun damage, your skin begins to look leathery, discolored, wrinkled, and dry. Even though your skin looks thicker, it has been weakened, leading to being bruised easily.

How to Treat Sun Damage

If you are getting stressed by your sun damage problems, there’s no need to worry! LA Lipo offers cryotherapy services that will get rid of your unwanted skin imperfection. Our solar lentigo removal services feature CryoPen, which is an innovative technology to remove skin lesion.

Removal Sun Damage with CryoPen

benign and lesions on the surface of your skin. Some of the skin imperfections it treats include scars, cherry angiomas, verrucae, milia, skin tags, warts, and resistant solar lentigo.
Below are some of the information you need to know about this treatment:

Can I experience scarring?

Infrequently, that’s because darkening of your skin and lightening of the skin might take place temporarily after cryotherapy. Both last for a few months. Pigment transformation is typical in people with darker skins.

Benefits of CryoPen Treatment Bar Hill?

  • No anesthetic is required.
  • Cryopen utilizes innovative cooling technology which does not require risky cryogenic gases
  • The treatment is almost painless
  • There is downtime
  • Sterile process – no risk of infection, no bleeding and no incision
  • The treatment is fast. It normally takes a few minutes
For the majority of lesions, cryosurgery is a 100% permanent solar lentigo removal. You will find some lesions that are more difficult to remove. In more sensitive regions such as eye area, a short freeze time with a repeat process might be needed to achieve the best result with less damage.
Of course, but we recommend cautions about skin location and type. This must be taken into consideration first before deciding on freeze durations. Individuals with higher levels of cryoglobulins must be treated with thoughtfulness too.

The best candidates are generally those that want to target specific areas such as the neck, arms, the belly, thighs, and hips. It is not designed for people who are generally overweight.
Or for those that think it is a magic wand and that they can not bother with a good diet and exercise.

CryoPen can treat all recurrent basal cell carcinomas and melanomas. Melanoma could spread by any of various means like blood, lymphatic, and local. Basic cell carcinoma is spread by local extension, and you might require surgery when recurrence is assumed. Why not treat yourself to a result-driven skin care therapy in ?